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Welcome to my Malaysian Birding Blog. I migrated to as my blog at closed shop in 2012. I wish to showcase all Malaysian birds that I have photographed whether here or overseas. My countdown of lifers started in 2005. Coming to May 2020 my countdown of lifers photograph has reached
539/688 species of birds of Malaysia in photos.

My shooting gear was a EF400mm f4 DO lens and Canon 7D body which to me is the ideal setup for mobility and bird chasing at that time. Eventhen the weight over my shoulder is more that 5.5 kg. As of June 2016 I have also acquired a Fuji XF 100-400mm OIS lens to complement my travelling cum birding trip overseas. The Fuji X-T2 is now in hand ; the weight over my shoulder is much lighter now by 30%. In December 2018 I acquired the Nikon Coolpix P1000 as supplementary camera for distance shooting of 3000mm.
Meantime I am hoping Sigma or Fuji will come out with with a 200-600mm lens for my Fuji body. As for a new body I will only consider an upgrade when the megapixel hit 30..........

I am a weekend birder. Do feel free to drop me a line at and I see whether you can tag along in my outings. My usual day trip is just an hour ride away to Hulu Langat, Lancang, Kemensah, Krau, Awana, Hulu Kali, Gombak Ole Road, Fraser's Hill , Bukit Tinggi and KSNP & Coastal Sg Janggut Jeram side of the coast . Overnite trip to Merapoh & Cameron, Air Hitam and further north to Kuala Sidim is a seldom affair but for lifer we travel. Panti in Johor is another good birding site that I yet to go. Then there are the Borneo birds of Sabah and Sarawak of Malaysia which I seriously much go to chalk up more lifers. This I did in 2018 to Sepilok Sandakan and Kinabalu Park. Next Danum and LahatDatu.......

WARNING Birding is an addiction once you started its hard to stop. The wifey and children are now birding widow and orphan.



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Sunday, 29 April 2018

Tern - Whiskered Tern (Lifer 495)

 The Whiskered Tern is a few inches bigger than the Little Tern  as you can see from the picture. It beak is somewhat broader and tapering wherelse the Little and White-winged which have a rather narrow pointed beak. Majority of the Terns in Malim Nawar are the Little .

The breeding adult Whiskered will see its beak turning  reddish black with a dark cap

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

TERN - Black-naped Tern (Lifer no 494)

Record shot from the inside of   ferry to Pulau Tioman. The bluish tinge of the photo is because  of the tinted window.  I also have the opportunity to see a possible  Noddy or Shearwater but no  photo record.

I would advise that you book on line  the Catamaran Ferry (Cataferi) from Tanjung Gemuk which you can sit in the open deck to catch any pelagic birds on the way. Apparently there is a Pulau Burung where in July pass there will be thousands of pelagic birds gather there. Thats what they say......

The Black-naped Tern is a resident bird of the many islands off the Peninusla Malaysia They will like to hang around  rock boulder. At the small islet opposite Berjaya Resort you can see them at close quarters when you kayak across or when you go on the boat to snorkelling at the islet outcrop. You risk your gear from drowning though .............

They are good fish hunter especially anchovies on the surface of the water. See photo below one of them have a fish which it then  offer to its mate?

Monday, 23 April 2018

Pipit 4/5 - Red-throated Pipit (Lifer 493)


A super find in Pulau Tioman during my company trip in month of April 2018 is this vagrant Red-throated Pipit. The brick red colored of its face to its throat  indicates its a maturing adult. I notice that its white and dark olived streak feathers is also prominent compared to the other pipits that I have seen in Peninsula.

It was a single bird foraging amongst half a dozen or more  Grey Wagtails on the golf course Hole 18.  As it was in the open and no cover I can only shoot from a far distance of 200ft. As I tried approaching nearer; it will just fly further away from me.

Sunday, 1 April 2018

Avian Behaviour - Fighting Cock

Fighting Cocks in action over the rights to mate .Well size did not matter in this  encounter as the smaller  jungle fowl (left one) won the fight