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Welcome to my Malaysian Birding Blog. I migrated to as my blog at closed shop in 2012. I wish to showcase all Malaysian birds that I have photographed whether here or overseas. My countdown of lifers started in 2005. Coming to April 2021 my countdown of lifers photograph has reached
548/688 species of birds of Malaysia in photos.

My shooting gear was a EF400mm f4 DO lens and Canon 7D body which to me is the ideal setup for mobility and bird chasing at that time. Eventhen the weight over my shoulder is more that 5.5 kg. As of June 2016 I have also acquired a Fuji XF 100-400mm OIS lens to complement my travelling cum birding trip overseas. The Fuji X-T2 is now in hand ; the weight over my shoulder is much lighter now by 30%. In December 2018 I acquired the Nikon Coolpix P1000 as supplementary camera for distance shooting of 3000mm.
Meantime I am hoping Sigma or Fuji will come out with with a 200-600mm lens for my Fuji body. As for a new body I will only consider an upgrade when the megapixel hit 30..........

I am a weekend birder. Do feel free to drop me a line at and I see whether you can tag along in my outings. My usual day trip is just an hour ride away to Hulu Langat, Lancang, Kemensah, Krau, Awana, Hulu Kali, Gombak Ole Road, Fraser's Hill , Bukit Tinggi and KSNP & Coastal Sg Janggut Jeram side of the coast . Overnite trip to Merapoh & Cameron, Air Hitam and further north to Kuala Sidim is a seldom affair but for lifer we travel. Panti in Johor is another good birding site that I yet to go. Then there are the Borneo birds of Sabah and Sarawak of Malaysia which I seriously much go to chalk up more lifers. This I did in 2018 to Sepilok Sandakan and Kinabalu Park. Next Danum and LahatDatu.......

WARNING Birding is an addiction once you started its hard to stop. The wifey and children are now birding widow and orphan.



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Thursday, 21 March 2019

Avian Birding Site - Panti Forest Reserve Johor

Before embarking on your trip please take note that you have to apply for an entry permit. I do not know how well and efficient is the Rangers' enforcement though. MNS should write to Perhilitan Johor to make available e-application so that we do not have to spend a whole morning/ day to just drop by their office in JB town to do the paper work.......Also we birders from other states comeby on a day or upto 3 days trip. Why do we need a 2 months permit. We also bird in smaller group of 2-4 and not 10 pax. Can I assumed you do not need permit if in smaller group........😖

"Apa buat susah susah bang hoi"

Extract from JohoreBirder Group

Panti Bird Sanctuary - Info on Entry Permit Application
Forestry Dept Tel no : 07-2243048
Effective from Sept 2018 : 07-2242211

Person to contact : Miss Nana / Miss Intan
Address : Pejabat Hutan Daerah Johor Selatan
Aras 9, Bangunan Sultan Ibrahim
Jalan Bukit Timbalan
80000 Johor Baru
Johor Darul Tazim
a) Permit costs RM150-00 for 10-person and valid only for 2mths, request for longer period is possible but subjected to FD's approval.
b) Each vehicle is required to pay RM50-00 to use the main bunker trail for the validity of your permit. Vehicle Registration number must be submitted during your application.
c) For Malaysian will be given one mth period instead of the normal 2mths.
As such, for group application, you should apply permit separately for Malaysian and non-Malaysian.
d) For walk-in application, call Forest Dept in advance if you want the permit approved on the spot/on the same day.

Important doc to bring:
Malaysian: a photocopy of IC
Non-Malaysian: a photocopy of passport (the page showing yr photo)
e) For email: Encik Umar - Pengawai Hutan Daerah Johor Selatan.
m1435u2014a@gmail. com
Bear in mind the approved permit only bears the sole applicant's name. So for group application all the individual must carry a copy of the approved letter when entering PBS.

Anyway to bird  Panti there are many ports & trails  that you can go without going thru the hassle.For us birders from Klang Valley an overnighter is recommended. As the journey is 6-7 hours with stop for makan-makan.  It is best to have Johor or Singapore birder to bring you to the familiar ports there without hassle. Target birds that you might want to see are the Grey-breasted Babbler, White-necked Babbler, Crested Jay, Short-toed Coucal, Scarlet-breasted Flowerpecker and a few uncommon Wren-babbler and my target Rufous-tailed Sharma

Adapted from ConFoley writup
Panti forest is about 10,900 hectares. There are a few access trails and forest fringe ports only the local birder know. For the unfamiliar the main access trail is the "Bunker Trail" simply because vehicles can drive in; on the gravel & laterite road with relative good forest cover. There is large scrubby terrain at the entrance and at the end of the road is a disused sand quarry with another scrubland which you can find visiting grassbirds and the Javan Munia!

Yes it was mentioned that the Storm's Stork is a rare encounter here if you are damn lucky at open river crossings.

Peek-a-Boo, I see you!!!!

My other lifer wanted list here in Johor are :-

Long-billed Partridge
Crestless Fireback
Jerdon Baza
Cinnamon-head  Green Pigeon
Malaysian Nightjar
Grey Nightjar
Blyth's Frogmouth
Silver-rumped Spinetail;
Silver-backed & Brown-backed Needletail
Fork-tailed Swift
Giant Pitta
Black&White Bulbul
Grey-streaked Flycatcher
Grey-breasted Jungle flycatcher (Resident)
Javan Munia (PR status)
Thick-billed spiderhunter
Thick-billed Flowerpecker

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  1. macam mana dengan keadaan dengan suaka burung panti yang di di ukir dari kayu oleh arwah seniman paling handal bagi saya sebagai anaknya.